CASE HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: Case History #769: Stopping Underbody Rust on Collector’s Car

In 2008, the owner of a 1947 Chrysler Windsor decided to passivate the rusty front underbody and interior floor of his collector’s car. He chose to try Cortec® Coatings based on a good experience working with Cortec® products in the Cortec® sample department.

He started his winter restoration by scraping all the grease and grime off the front wheel drums, shock absorbers, and undercarriage. He applied just enough CorrVerter® Rust Converter Primer to stop the rust and followed this with a topcoat of VpCI®-386 Black when the CorrVerter® cured. He used the same two coatings on the rusty floor inside the car.

The owner was impressed with the coatings, especially since he did not have to worry about using flammable products or enduring unpleasant fumes while working in his garage with the heater on and the door closed. When doing brake work almost 14 years later, he was impressed to find that these areas were still clean, solid, and rust-free, with no “rust creep” coming out of the nuts and bolts.

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