NEWS ALERT: BioCorr® HP: Convenient Rust Prevention for Automakers and Their Suppliers!

What if the auto industry had a biobased rust preventative that could go on almost any auto part at any stage in the manufacturing process without requiring removal later? Cortec® brings the exciting possibilities of such a formulation within reach in its newest generation of BioCorr® HP, which combines the best of earlier BioCorr® formulations into one convenient corrosion solution especially geared to the auto industry.

Advantages of BioCorr® HP

BioCorr® HP is a water-based rust preventative that forms a virtually undetectable dry-to-touch film that, in most cases, does not need to be removed. This provides excellent multi-metal corrosion protection. It is compatible with yellow metals and does not interfere with transmission fluids. UV-marker technology makes it easy for workers to check for full coverage. On the sustainability side, BioCorr® HP contains 54% USDA certified biobased content, making it an excellent environmentally responsible alternative to rust preventatives mainly derived from petroleum. BioCorr® HP also has excellent shelf-life emulsion stability to minimize the chance of product separation inside application equipment.

When to Use BioCorr® HP

The qualities of BioCorr® HP make it ideal for the auto industry. Its water-based, dry film characteristics promote a clean workplace and prevent material waste, unlike traditional rust preventative oils. The fact that BioCorr® HP typically does not have to be removed makes it an excellent choice for in-process rust protection, streamlining the flow from one manufacturing stage to another. It is also great for clean storage. Dust and debris floating through the air tend to settle on and stick to parts coated with greasy rust preventatives. The dry film of BioCorr® HP eliminates this problem so parts come out of storage much cleaner.

Where to Use BioCorr® HP

BioCorr® HP can be used on almost any metal auto part, including transmissions, machined components with tight tolerances, axle ends, and gears. It can be applied by dip or spray, robotically or by hand. With endless possibilities in store, BioCorr® HP awaits to be used to the fullest to improve the lives and worker environments of automakers and their suppliers. Contact Cortec® to learn more about BioCorr® HP:

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