NEWS ALERT: Do You Have an Auto Parts Bank Ready for the Next Emergency?

August 17, 2023

Auto Parts Bank

How do automakers prepare for the unexpected—a pandemic, a sudden worker shortage, or any other emergency that suspends normal operations? One way is to start an auto build-ahead program that creates a bank of automotive parts ready to install at a moment’s notice. The same strategy can be used for models that are being retired but that need service parts available for two, 10, or 20 years down the road. Jessica Carpenter, a Cortec® Regional Sales Manager for 15 years, has extensive experience with automakers and shared these helpful tips for launching a healthy build-ahead program.

  1. Determine the length of protection. Will the parts be stored for two years or for 20 years? This will help you decide if you are just going to need a VpCI®-126 Bag for short-term protection or CorrLam® LD VpCI® Barrier Laminate plus a Cor-Pak® 8-MUL Pouch for extended protection.
  2. Evaluate storage conditions. For best results, stay indoors (to protect from UV light—being near a window is okay), away from doors (to reduce condensation cycles), and away from leaks in the roofing.
  3. Know your container type (plastic or cardboard). Make sure plastic containers are clean and that individual enclosed layers are protected with their own VpCI® Emitters or sheets of VpCI®-126 Film. If corrugated containers are used, line the walls and make sure that no cardboard or wood is inside the same airspace as the metal. This is because wood and metal can hold moisture and can therefore be counterproductive to corrosion protection.
  4. Identify what kind of metal is being protected. Asking what type of metal will be protected is another critical question, because different metals need different levels of protection. For example, a pack of aluminum parts may need less VpCI® chemistry than a pack of cast iron parts. Recommendations are based on the level of protection needed.

On top of these critical considerations, Jessica emphasized the importance of reassuring your customers that they will be well cared for with Cortec® solutions. Cortec® has been protecting automotive build-aheads for over 30 years and is number one in the market for these projects! Get in touch with us today to learn more and get assistance preparing your build-ahead program!

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