NEWS ALERT: The VpCI®-422 Advantage for Rust Removal in the Auto Industry

Automakers often focus on rust prevention more than rust removal. This is because rust removal represents metal loss, and exposure to some harsh rust removers can lead to hydrogen embrittlement. However, oxidation sometimes gets the better of automakers and leaves behind hundreds, thousands, or even millions of rusty parts. Is there any hope of reclaiming the loss in these situations? Cortec® suggests considering VpCI®-422 as one rust remover that may be able to solve the problem.


VpCI®-422 is a rust removal liquid that contains 92% USDA certified biobased content and works well in dip tanks. Parts should be left to soak in VpCI®-422 and then rinsed in an alkaline cleaner such as VpCI®-414 to neutralize the acid. VpCI®-414 also leaves behind corrosion inhibitors to prevent flash rust during the drying process. The parts can then be packaged in VpCI®-126 Bags for protection during storage and shipping.

One major automaker decided to follow this process after discovering that 1.7 million transmission clutch plates had rusted in their warehouse. Each part was worth approximately one dollar a piece, representing a staggering economic loss if the parts could not be restored. The main concern was hydrogen embrittlement, but testing found that VpCI®-422 was strong enough, yet mild enough, to perform rust removal in 10-20 minutes without hydrogen embrittlement. It took about nine months to complete rust removal on all 1.7 million parts, but the clutch plates were finally restored, neutralized, and packaged for a huge savings to the automaker.

While rust prevention is admittedly the best choice for automakers and their parts suppliers, VpCI®-422 presents a potential path for restoration when necessary due to its relatively mild nature and its success for the restoration of 1.7 million clutch plates. Contact Cortec® to explore this option for your rusted auto parts!

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