NEWS ALERT: Updated Auto Brochure Tackles Rust Prevention in EV Industry

The EV (electric vehicle) market is growing by leaps and bounds. So, too, is the proliferation of sensors and electronic components that control traditional vehicles. In light of this rapidly changing market, Cortec® has updated its automotive brochure to more directly address rust prevention in the burgeoning EV and electronics sectors of the auto industry.

The reimagined brochure starts by introducing Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor Technology alongside permanent ESD protection for today’s advanced automotive market. It goes on to name key areas of corrosion protection for automakers, including rust prevention in the WIP cycle, global supply chain, and build-ahead phases. The heart of the brochure categorizes specific rust prevention products according to their role in protecting traditional auto components (e.g., engines, transmissions, and stampings) or EV and electronic components (e.g., EV batteries, sensors, and other electronics). The brochure concludes with an expanded case history section filling two pages with stories on topics such as ESD/VpCI® protection for a major North American electronics distributor, long-term storage of auto service parts for a Big Three automaker, and a transmission buildout program solution for a major automaker.

The newest edition of Cortec’s automotive brochure is the best yet for those who supply corrosion solutions to the auto industry. It is a great resource to introduce Cortec® VpCI®/ESD Technology not only to the traditional market but also to the blossoming EV and electronics sector. Peruse the new Cortec® automotive brochure here!

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