NEWS ALERT: Winter’s Coming – Wash Away That Road Salt to Prevent Corrosion!

VpCI®-406 for Winter Fleet Maintenance

Winter is coming to the Northern Hemisphere. That means precipitation mixed with freezing temperatures will soon demand deicing salts to keep roads safer. While deicers make life much easier for drivers in harsh winter climates, they also make the lifespan of cars and trucks much shorter because of corrosion. That is why frequent washing with Cortec® VpCI®-406 is an outstanding fleet maintenance practice to get rid of road salts and minimize corrosion on cars, trucks, buses, and vehicle fleets.

VpCI®-406 for Winter Fleet Maintenance

VpCI®-406 is a phosphate-free cleaner designed to remove salt, grime, oils, greases, and carbon deposits. It can be metered into automatic bus and car washes, steam cleaners, dip tanks, or power wash equipment. Water softening ingredients facilitate good foaming and minimize hard water spotting. While the primary importance of VpCI®-406 is to clean salt-laden road spray off the vehicle body and undercarriage, a secondary benefit is short-term protection against flash corrosion as the vehicle dries off from the car wash or truck wash. Since residual salt and water can serve as an electrolyte to accelerate corrosion, VpCI®-406 helps maximize winter vehicle rust prevention.

Best Practices for Road Salt Rust Prevention

The best time to clean a bus, salt spreader, or other vehicle is right after it comes off the messy winter roads caked with snow and salt. While some DOT guidelines recommend washing vehicles after every use, whether it gets done is a different matter. The results show a stark contrast. Plows left unwashed can begin rusting over the weekend, while washing road maintenance fleet trucks daily with VpCI®-406 can make a huge impact on vehicle longevity over time. It is a simple but important step in preserving assets that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace.

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