PRESS RELEASE: An Untapped Corrosion Solution for Diesel Engine Turbochargers!

Diesel engine turbochargers are an engineering masterpiece. They promote fuel and engine efficiency by recycling exhaust for more power in smaller engines. Unfortunately, most (if not all) manufacturers are missing out on one of the easiest solutions for inhibiting corrosion inside the intricate twists and turns of a turbocharger. For them, Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors hold an untapped solution just waiting to be unleashed.

The Power of Water-Based Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors
Cortec® VpCI®-337 is a ready-to-use waterborne Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor for the protection of metals in enclosed void spaces. Because of its vapor-phase action, VpCI®-337 does not need to be directly applied to all surfaces inside the void to achieve full protection. Rather, when fogged into a space, these corrosion inhibiting vapors diffuse throughout the enclosure, adsorbing on metal surfaces to form a molecular protective layer that replenishes itself as long as the corrosion inhibitors remain trapped within the void. This mechanism is ideal for intricate, hard-to-reach surfaces like those within a diesel engine turbocharger, making it possible to apply comprehensive protection within seconds.

Solving an Eight Month Challenge
One maker of diesel engine turbochargers found this to be the case when watching a demo of VpCI®-337. The company had struggled for months to find a way to prevent corrosion inside their turbochargers. At the time, they were using a thick oil-based vapor corrosion inhibitor that they could not even get all the way through the system, despite using everything from vacuums to fans to try to pull it through. Instead of protecting the turbocharger, the oil clogged it.

Eight months into the effort, the workers finally decided to try fogging VpCI®-337 into the turbocharger. Within seconds, workers could see the fogging fluid coming out of the other openings of the system, confirming that it had worked its way through. All that needed to be done was to cap the ends, and the turbocharger would be protected for several weeks to a year while sitting on a shelf or shipping out to another part of the world. Compared to the oil-based corrosion inhibitor, which would have created a big cloud of smoke in order to be burned out of the system, removal of VpCI®-337 before startup promised to be much easier-if needed at all!

Request a VpCI® Turbocharger Demo
Anyone who makes or distributes diesel engines with turbochargers at risk for internal corrosion during manufacturing, shipping, or storage should seriously investigate the use of VpCI®-337 versus more cumbersome oil-based products. A similar option is CorroLogic® Fogging Fluid VpCI®-339, a 100% vapor-phase product that offers a higher concentration of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors and faster fogging. Whatever your preference, contact Cortec® today to tap into these exciting corrosion solutions for diesel engine turbochargers and request a demo today:

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