PRESS RELEASE: Help Vehicles Last Longer with This Winter Car Wash Formula!

Shorter days and cooler temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere are a reminder that winter is on its way. That means snow and icy roads will be the norm all too soon, with snowplows and salt trucks out in full force to keep roads passable. Unfortunately, winter road maintenance includes the generous use of deicing salts that attack metal on cars, trucks, and buses, leading to vehicle rust if not arrested. That is why washing vehicles with VpCI®-406 is an excellent addition to any winter vehicle maintenance program.

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The Importance of Regular Washing

The simple act of washing vehicles exposed to deicing salts can have a huge return on investment. Leaving a car or truck covered with chloride-laden road spray and sitting unwashed in a heated garage is a recipe for rust and early deterioration. Rinsing away these corrosive chlorides as soon as possible so that they cannot continue to eat away at the metal surfaces is the best plan to extend vehicle service life. Since moisture can serve as a corrosion promoting electrolyte for any deicing salts that are not rinsed away, including corrosion inhibitors in the wash water is even better 

Vehicle Wash with Flash Rust Inhibitors

VpCI®-406 is a phosphate-free cleaner that contains corrosion inhibitors. As it works to remove salt, grime, oils, greases, and carbon deposits, VpCI®-406 also leaves behind flash corrosion protection during the washing process and as the vehicle dries. This highly concentrated liquid detergent can be diluted up to 1:50 for better economy according to user needs. It can be applied manually or metered into automatic bus and car washes, steam cleaners, dip tanks, or power wash equipment. VpCI®-406 is equipped with water-softening ingredients for good foaming and performance, even in hot water, and dries spotless and film-free.

Who Should Use VpCI®-406?

Many entities stand to benefit from the use of VpCI®-406. Companies (along with states and cities) with large fleets of cars, trucks, or buses can help their vehicles last longer by requiring regular washing with VpCI®-406 in the winter. DOTs (departments of transportation) need to give special attention to snowplows and salt spreaders because of their close and excessive contact with high-chloride deicers. Even car wash owners can offer their customers added value by featuring corrosion inhibitors in their winter washing formulas.

Winter Maintenance of DOT Trucks

One DOT in a notoriously harsh winter region of the Midwestern United States began using a custom diluted version of VpCI®-406 after experiencing serious problems with deicing salt rust. Trucks would come back from the route caked with deicing salts in joints and crevices. In addition to leaving a pockmarked appearance on the trucks, rust led to problems with loose bolts in the frames and bodies. Regular washing with VpCI®-406 (custom dilution) made a significant difference in the health of the vehicles, and the washing fluid was implemented for winter use on the department’s entire metro area fleet.

Get Ready for Winter Roads!

Winter weather and deicing salts will not go away any time soon. Moreover, the approach of the winter driving season is an important reminder of deicing salt corrosion and is a good time to make sure fleet maintenance plans are in place. Equip your vehicle fleet and car wash customers with better rust prevention this winter by adding regular washing with VpCI®-406 to the normal maintenance routine. Contact Cortec® for details.

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