PRESS RELEASE: Securing Peace of Mind with CorrLam® for Long-Term Automotive Parts Storage

August 16, 2023

CorrLam® for Long-Term Automotive Parts Storage

Building a “bank” of auto parts in advance is critical to ensuring that service parts for a retired car model will be ready years later. However, it can also be a strategic business move when leadership foresees potential interruptions to the upcoming auto industry workflow. The approaching sale of manufacturing facilities, a possible worker shortage, or a change in demand can all trigger the wise stockpiling of new parts ahead of time. For the longest storage periods and the harshest conditions, CorrLam® LD VpCI® Barrier Laminate is an outstanding packaging and preservation option to secure that bank of parts.

CorrLam® LD VpCI® Barrier Laminate is a high-performance laminated packaging material developed to meet the toughest industrial requirements and conditions. Made of a clear polyester extrusion coating laminated to aluminum foil and VpCI®-126 Film, CorrLam® provides an excellent barrier to block water vapor, oxygen, ultraviolet light, and odor. The layer of VpCI®-126 Film laminated to the inside of the foil releases Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors into the package to form an invisible molecular layer of corrosion protection that does not need to be removed from the metal component before use or further assembly. The foil prevents this molecular vapor from escaping the package, thereby trapping the protective chemistry within. Altogether, this tough, puncture- and tear-resistant packaging material is an excellent way to prevent corrosion on metal parts, extend product shelf life, and provide long-term preservation.

CorrLam® LD VpCI® Barrier Laminate can be made into custom pouches for parts or large format covers to wrap around larger equipment. It is heat-sealable and ideal for vacuum packaging. CorrLam® has an extremely low Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR) and O2 Transmission Rate (OTR) of less than 0.0006 g/100 in2 (0.0006 g/645 cm²) per day, eliminating the need for desiccants. The material may even be fitted with a one-way vacuum valve for the removal of harmful water vapor and other gases from the interior of an enclosure or package. CorrLam® is a great option for automakers, logistics companies, and custom packagers to be aware of. Possible applications include the following:

  • Build-ahead programs
  • Service parts storage
  • Long-term preservation
  • Export packaging
  • Highly sensitive domestic packaging

CorrLam® provided an easy solution for long-term preservation of hundreds of transmissions at a logistics warehouse in Thailand. Each transmission was wrapped and sealed in its own piece of CorrLam® LD VpCI® Barrier Laminate to keep it in corrosion-free condition during a five- to seven-year preservation period. CorrLam® was also used in the USA in conjunction with Cor-Pak® 1-MUL/8-MUL Pouches by an automaker that needed a preservation system for thousands of rear differential units being stored as service parts for up to 15 years.

Whether facing these or different circumstances, users of CorrLam® can know they are getting an ultra-heavy-duty corrosion inhibiting barrier material for long-term and extreme protection of their most valuable components in storage or shipment. Contact Cortec® to learn about implementing CorrLam® into your automotive build ahead program or other long-term preservation project.

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