NEWS ALERT: How to Build a Rust-Free Automotive Bank for Unexpected Shutdowns

Unexpected shutdowns, such as the recent strike at the Big Three automakers, send suppliers scrambling to adjust to changing demands. What can be done to preserve thousands of engines, transmissions, and other components that suddenly have nowhere to go? VpCI® packaging solutions can help automakers create a rust-free auto parts bank to survive these and other emergencies.

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The Risk of Corrosion

Since no one knows how long a strike or unexpected shutdown will last, automotive suppliers are left wondering how many units to keep producing and what to do with them until they are needed. One of the stressors is that the longer the delay continues, the higher is the risk that corrosion will form on new components. Scrapping auto parts would incur significant costs, so a simple rust preventative solution is imperative.

Rust Preventative Packaging

Cortec® answers that concern with VpCI®-126 Bags and BioPad®. These materials contain Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that vaporize, fill the enclosed space, and form a molecular protective layer on the surfaces of the metal. Protection is dry, and no cleaning or degreasing is required when the parts are taken out of the bag.

Creating an Auto Parts Bank

Currently, Cortec® recommends creating a bank of rust-free parts by wrapping each transmission or engine inside a VpCI®-126 Bag. This provides one to two years of preservation—ample time for protection until most strikes or emergencies are over. The supplier can then ship the parts to the assembly plant in the same packaging. If extra protection is needed (such as when the bag is densely packed with many small parts or there is a high risk of condensation from parts being packed while warm) Cortec® suggests slipping a BioPad®, a USDA Certified Biobased Product, inside the bag for an additional boost of Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors.

Relieving Stress in Uncertain Times

These are uncertain and stressful times for automakers, but having the right materials and plan of action can significantly relieve that stress and reduce potential financial losses. If you need help starting a rust-free auto parts bank, Contact Cortec® today for easy anticorrosion packaging solutions.

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